Manual Bottling Machines

Suitable for bottling carbonated and/or non-carbonated water, soft drinks, wine, beer in various sizes of glass or PET bottles.

Capacity depending on glass size and number of filling heads: 150-350 bottles/hour. Available with Pump and electrical control. Manually serviced.



Injecting Type Carbonation Machine (Carbonizer)

Suitable for producing of carbonated (soda) water, various soft drinks, beer, wine. Available with or without buffer tank, depending on whether the product comes under constant pressure or comes from an existing buffer tank. It is also available as a syrup mixer if the readymade syrup needs to be mixed with water in the adjusted proportion before carbonation. Fully automatic, requires minimal human inspection.

Capacity depending on version: 1000 or 3000 liters/hour




Precision carbonating equipment

It is particularly suitable for carbonating beverages where very accurate carbon content adjustment is important. Good for sparkling wine and various soft drinks, cider.

Capacity depending on version: 500-18,000 liters / hour.

Continuous type machine, depending on the volume flowing, can add carbon dioxide or, for example, nitrogen to the product to refresh the wine.




Crown Cap Closing Machine

The machine is suitable for closing glass bottles of different sizes with crown caps.

Capacity: approx. 400-500 glass / hour



Manual Labelling Machine for Self-Adhesives Labels

The machine can apply half or circle labels to bottles of different sizes and types.



Manual Siphon Filling Machine

Conventional manual siphon filling machine with semi-automatic multifunctional filling taps.



Bottle Washing / Flushing / Sterilizing Machines

It is suitable for external and/or internal washing, rinsing and disinfection of bottles of different sizes and types. Manually serviced.

Capacity: approx. 400-500 bottles /hour



Semi-Automatic Machine for Washing, Filling And Capping 5 Gallons Water-Bottles

Depending on the design, it is suitable for washing, filling and sealing 18.9 liters (5 gallons) water-bottles, optionally 5-10 liter PET bottles.

Its capacity is 50-100 balloons/hour




Automatic Machine for Washing, Filling And Capping 5 Gallons Water-Bottles

Suitable for washing, filling and sealing 18.9 liter (5 gallon) water bottles.

Capacity: 100 balloons / hour



Plastic Siphon Bottles and Racks

The bottles are available in a variety of capacities and colors, and the compartments are available with 6, 8, 10 places.






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