Counter Pressure Bottler for Carbonated Drinks


Bottling machines are ideal for small (craft) breweries, soft drinks, cider, wine, water bottling plants. Available in different designs. They can be made for carbonated (counter pressure), still, or carbonated and still beverages, available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 head versions. The machines are suitable for filling both glass and PET bottles from 200 ml up to 2 liters. Along with the bottling machine, we can offer a carbonated machine, table crown closure, screw cap sealing solutions, labeling and various bottle rinsing and washing machines, which can even complete a small size bottling plant.


2 head type counter pressure bottler

6 head type counter pressure bottler







Bottlers for Non-Carbonated (Still) Beverages


6 head still bottler for PET bottles


For bottling still beverages, the machine is electrically controlled and, if desired, equipped with a solenoid valve or a feed pump, according to whether the beverage to be filled is fed into the bottling container - under its own pressure or from an existing buffer tank. Machines fitted with a pump can wash themselves.


When ordering, please specify, in addition to the products to be bottled, the required productivity, carbonated or still beverage, or both.

4 head type carbonated and still beverage bottler






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