Precision Carbonating Equipment


The device is capable of mixing carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas in a liquid with high precision metering. It is mainly used for refreshing wines, for making sparkling and low carbonated wines, but also for carbonating other soft drinks or cider. With the addition of nitrogen, it is suitable for reducing the oxygen and sulfur hydrogen dissolved in the liquid, so that the amount of sulfur in the wine can be significantly reduced. Can be attached to any bottler.



The operator can adjust the amount of gas assigned to the fluid flow on a touch screen surface. The metering is done by a precision metering unit, which is controlled by a PLC, which ensures that the amount of gas injected changes with the change in the liquid flow. This guarantees the same amount of gas in each bottle. The user interface can be used to set the gas volume in grams per liter, to monitoring the amount of gas used, the instantaneous and total value of the fluid flow, and the temperature and pressure of the liquid. If the process does not meet the technological requirements, the machine will alert the operator by means of acoustic and light signals. The PLC records operating data continuously, so that the production process can be subsequently checked. Via Wi-Fi connection, the machine can be monitored and controlled from other devices (PC, smart phone, tablet, etc.). The machine does not come with a liquid flow pump, but is also available with a pump on request. The small unit is movable on wheels and can also be ordered with a hose reel.







      Capacity: 200 - 18,000 l/hour depending on request


      Gas dosage: 0.1 to 10 g / liter to within +/- 1%


      Connection dimensions: DN10-DN50


      Gas connection: quick connection


      Electrical connection: 230 V, 100 W (without pump)


      Dimensions: 700x700x1400 mm


      Weight: approx. 60 kg



      Details required for ordering:


         - Flowing quantity in liter/hour


         - Required dosing of CO2 in gramm/liter


         - hose reel required or not


         - pump required or not






Budapest, Hungary