Water bottling in 18.9 l (5 gallon) water bottles, 0.2-10 l PET bottles


Our semi-automatic water bottling machines are suitable for external, internal washing, rinsing, filling and sealing of 5 gallon and 3 gallon polycarbonate water bottles. Optionally, the machine is available in a design for rinsing, filling and sealing 5...10 liters PET bottles. The machine is typically operated by one person. Available in two capacity.


Our automatic water bottle machine is only available for 5 gallon bottles. It has the advantage over semi-automatic bottles that the bottles are in separated place all the way to their closure.


Our handheld, still bottlers are equipped with an electric control, pump or solenoid valve so they can work from any tank or water supply. Not only water, but other still, non-carbonated drinks, syrups, etc also suitable for filling. From 200 ml bottles to 2 liters, it can fill bottles of any capacity with a mouth that fits to the filling head.


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Semi-automatic bottling machines for 5 gallons bottles and for 5-10 liters PET bottles


With one washing place

50-60 bottles/hour




With two washing places

80-100 bottles/hour

Automatic bottling machine for 5 gallons bottles


100 bottles/hou

Manual Bottling Machine for still products


For smaller bottles





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